“A Distant Thunder' is a powerful thriller and a gripping legal drama.
It's engrossing, terrifying, and convincing. It will move you; it will change you!"

- Chris Weinkopf, Los Angeles Daily News

“Chilling and provocative, with a great twist at the end! Packs a powerful emotional punch! Creepy and surprising!”
– Ted Baehr, Movieguide

"This is an absorbing and relevant drama. It's one of those rare shockers that leaves you wondering where you really stand on an important social issue."
- Capt. Dale Dye USMC (Ret) - Actor/Director/Military film consultant
Platoon, Saving Private Ryan, Band Of Brothers

"This is a must see! The beauty of this masterful production is that it impacts the viewer both mentally and emotionally. It makes you think with tears."
- Hubert Harriman, President - World Gospel Mission

"Intriguing, provocative and creepy!"
- Patrick Lussier – Editor: Scream, Scream 2, Scream 3, Red-Eye – Director: Dracula 2000

"A Distant Thunder is an intense presentation that makes one search their inner-being. A thought provoking piece that is sure to make an impact with its creativity, stellar performers, and intellectual challenges. The accompanying comments of the film-makers bring it all together! "
- Jim Tressel, Head Football Coach, Ohio State University

“If Hitchcock would have made a film on partial-birth abortion, this would be it!”
- Steve Ramsey - Gospel Communications International

“A genuine haunting masterpiece. Intelligently written and acted... A ‘must see’ for every thinking American!
- Mike Westfall, The American Worker


I have always been pro-life, but after seeing “A Distant Thunder” it did make me think more about what had God intended for the lives of those children. “A Distant Thunder” is one of those movies that touches you the first time you see it. It is a movie you definitely want to talk to others about.

Last month (June) I enrolled in a political science class, a class I was dreading to take. One day the professor asked if any of us had any feelings about abortion. To my surprise, mine was the only hand that shot up. I asked if I could bring a video about abortion. He asked the class if they would like to see it and they said, “no.” This in spite that he had just been lecturing us previously that morning about how we needed to be open to opinions that differed from our own.

After class a young man named Dan, 20, stopped me and asked what the term partial birth abortion meant. I told him and he was very interested in knowing more so I brought him a copy of “A Distant Thunder” the next day.
Two days later I asked him if he had viewed it yet and he said he had watched the first 10 minutes and instantly rewound it and drove it over to his best friend’s house. Her name is Sally, she is also 20, and her boyfriend was pressuring her to have an abortion. She was in the latter part of her first trimester.

On Friday of that week he told me that after seeing the video she did not want to have the abortion and had made her boyfriend promise to view it with her that weekend.

The following Monday Dan told me that her boyfriend had seen it and as the credits rolled he turned to Sally and said, “We can’t do this, let’s get married and have this baby.” Sally was very happy and so was her friend Dan, and needless to say so was I as well as the others who had prayed for this little life.

God can use even those of us who kick and scream to take a dreaded class. I am very grateful that He has used me as a way of sharing with Dan and Sally. I am also very grateful that saving lives was important enough to these Godly men to inspire them to get God’s message out to women who are considering abortion in such a powerful way in the movie “A Distant Thunder.” We must always be open to His leading and continue to work together as the body of Christ to help speak up for the rights of these babies who cannot defend themselves.

(Dan and Sally are not their real names)

Addendum: On August 15th, we learned Dan and Sally are expecting a boy!






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